Old Māmalahoa is a Southern Oregon-based psychedelic-folk duo creating lullabies and journeys for stormy times.

  Old Māmalahoa is made up of Myco and Meadow Stassens, who grew up the Northern Big Island of Hawai'i.  They recently finished ‘Ōhi‘a EP, a short collection of songs inspired by psychedelic rock and folk music, as well as landscapes from the island and Southern Oregon.

  ‘Ōhi‘a EP is made up of stories of hope in dark times.  Oregon provides a backdrop for the expansive, canyon-like sound created on the EP. Old Māmalahoa loves playing shows on the Oregon Coast, and their music has been featured on Oregon and California's branch of NPR, Jefferson Public Radio (JPR). 

  After growing up and playing music in Hawai'i for years, Myco Stassens (guitar and vocals) joined with niece Meadow Stassens (banjo) in 2018 as Old Māmalahoa.  After moving to Oregon in 2017, they begun playing shows on the coast and recording in Eugene, Oregon, where their EP was brought to life by producer Tyler Fortier. They cite George Harrison, Joan Baez and Grateful Dead as influences for their sound.

Soundcloud (download) : https://soundcloud.com/user-162247337/sets/hia-ep-mp3/s-loocO  

Listen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj2jzgKf6mNBegRSsXkgozW3z_oEHyVia 

Blossoming with a delicate sound of folk instruments, such as slide guitar and banjo, this ballad enthralls you in a beautiful world of honest music.”

— Tonic Grain on Old Māmalahoa's July single "Lonely Traveler"

For a folk album with a vast range and a sweetly comforting vibe, seek out Old Mamalahoa’s Ohi’a EP. The record kicks off with a warmly psychedelicized-Laurel Canyon vibe on the title track (plus the bookending intro and outro). From there, it dips into country-folk with the chilled “Bloodhounds” and “This Old Home,” which drip with melty pedal steel and delicate banjo. Elements of blues and folk-pop creep into “Lonely Traveler” and “Wild Wind;” the cello-backed latter of which would have made an excellent single.” - Keith Hadad

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